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We can't promise to provide any specific activities at this stage.

The Summer Program for 2011 includes opportunities to:

What’s on offer?

The “ad hoc” choir on Launch Day

“Fun Singing” on Launch Day

There are people, including school children,  who already play an instrument but don't have opportunities to play with others. We’ve started an ensemble of woodwind and brass instruments but hope I the future to facilitate the formation of other music groups and provide places where they can rehearse ......and opportunities for them to perform, for example :


Who knows, if there is enough interest that might lead, in time, to an orchestra.


This is not a substitute for taking lessons with a professional music teacher but may act as a "taster" to show people that they enjoy playing.

But ..........but remember We can't promise to provide any specific thing at this stage....................(but we're hoping to provide a variety of music that will meet most people’s needs!)

Under active consideration are

If you might be interested in joining these activities, please contact us

We are also providing opportunities for adults who can play Electric guitars and Bass to play together