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MBC in Lockdown

Lyrics for the August 19th session

Help choose the songs for future sessions

Please let us know

(via email to

by end Tuesday August 25th what you'd like to sing, either by song, or anything by an artist.

Choose up to 8

Or by subject area

For reference, there's a full list of about 500 songs we've used before at:

I'll then try and select 30 to 40 songs to be used over those 4 evenings.

The song list of songs with Girl’s Names is shown below:



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Part of the MBC “broadcast studio”

On July 15th we plan to use Zoom again (with even more improvements).

A participants view of the guitarists
Photo: Roger Edwards

The details for Singing for Fun are:

Wednesday August 5th at 8pm for about 60 minutes

Join the Zoom Meeting

Topic: MBC Singing for Fun in Lockdown 8

Meeting ID: 796 891 2046

Password: will be sent by email (by request if you are new to MBC see address above)

You can also join the event for chat or help in the “MBC conference room”

Please let us know ahead of the session on 07968-912046 (so we can set it up)

Use your phone on mute except when invited
Dial: 0333 0110 946

(03 numbers are usually included in your “free” minutes on mobile and landline but check your provider)

You will be asked for your Room number: 64867669 #

And your Guest PIN: 2428 #

You will be able to download lyrics ahead of the session by clicking here (choose your format)   
Pdf     Powerpoint Presentation  

Or scroll through them below

A participants view of each other
Photo: Roger Edwards